• The mission: to make you a better, more successful entrepreneur by completely transforming your health + body, both physically and emotionally. 
  • If you're not operating at your best, your work won't be either.  
  • Your norm: feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed...that is where Bria Body comes in. 
  • Your success: guaranteed because each program is created from scratch, made only for you. 

you want to see results - and keep them. 

  • Every Bria Body program is designed to be a catalyst for both short and long-term changes - not just weight loss - keeping in mind your high stress, often volatile entrepreneurial lifestyle. 
  • We integrate nutrition + fitness + support and more; key components in weight loss and sustained health.
  • Bria Body has a 100% success rate. How?

- Personalized nutrition

- Optimized workouts

- Stress reduction 

- Time management

- Clarity and productivity 

- Cooking guidance

...and any other support you personally need to succeed!

you want to feel good - inside and out.

  • We achieve this level of success by instilling actionable and sustainable, whole-body health knowledge into your daily lifestyle that works best with how you work. 
  • You will develop positive habits and routines - and above all, mindset.
  • This promotes healthy weight loss and your overall well-being as a busy individual.

you want support - when you need it most.

  • Bria Body is all about accountability - in addition to your weekly scheduled sessions, you have access to me, 24/7 for text or call support. 
  • If you take on a Bria Body program, you are my priority.
  • Have questions? Need a boost? Experiencing anxiety? Contact me anytime.

Why 'Bria' Body'?

“Bria” means “healthy”  and "creation" in the Hebrew language - perfect words to convey the vision of Bria Body's founder, Eva Lana. She discovered the word “Bria” while earning her graduate degree in the Nutrition Science program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is world-renowned for its scientific and clinical research.