The 3 Pillar Approach to Health

Nutrition + Fitness + Counseling

We craft a personalized 3 Pillar Program of Nutrition + Fitness + Counselingan integrative approach that is key to ensuring whole-body health and sustainable weight loss. 

We offer any combination of the following services:

Nutrition Component

Some of our favored nutrition services: 

The "Positive Habits" Approach is essential to Bria Body success.  We work with you to increase your understanding of any less than ideal health habits and investigate the underlying catalyst to this behavior in depth, in order to provide step-by-step strategies for simple behavior changes. Consistent help and contact will help you achieve real results, including simple tips to help you adapt to lifestyle changes and ensure that your new health habits stick. 

The "Menu Creation" Service is custom-crafted to match your health goals and personal taste preferences. All menus are best created to suit physical health, as well as emotional cravings, in a nutritious (and always delicious) manner. Over time, your menu can be updated according to your progress, needs and taste.

The "Kitchen Preparation & Cooking Service" is a simple, customized step-by-step guide to food preparation and cooking techniques that makes your time in the kitchen a deliciously time-efficient affair. 


Fitness Component

Some of our favored fitness services: 

The "Fitness Training" Program involves stability, flexibility, and strength training geared toward your specific fitness goals with a special focus on proven body-weight exercises in addition to those using resistance bands, free weights, kettle  bells etc. All workouts can be tailored to the space and equipment available in your home.

The "Body Balance" Service will invigorate body systems in a balanced, harmonious and safe manner, using a modified Vinyasa-flow style. Breathing will be the center of your practice to build strength, balance, endurance and focus to help foster deep relaxation and enhance energy.


Counseling Component

The "Personal Counseling" Segments are offered as 1-on-1 conversations and workshops. These sessions help to address the origins of the stresses in your life. These may include challenges such as your relationship with food, attitude, mood or hormonal changes, sleep, body image, socialization, relationships and intimacy and family bonding, etc. All are open topics for relaxed and informative conversations and workshops. 

The "Body & Mind Science Education" Segments are a rare opportunity to learn about your health from a science-based perspective. Bria Body programs reflect the most up-to-date, evidence-based research. Integrating positive lifestyle habits is facilitated by an understanding of the underlying science -- the cause and effects on the body and mind. Therefore, your Bria Body coach uses the educational component as a time to breakdown the methods of service. Educating you about the origins and scientific research behind the practices used in your program is essential to understanding how they will impact your whole-of-body health. Knowledge is, after all, the most valuable gift.

PLEASE NOTE: Every program is different. While we encourage participation in all Bria Body services, the utilization of each service will be determined by you and your preferences.