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What others had to say about their Bria Body experience

“I don’t even know how I lost as much as I did. I thought losing weight and getting rid of my fibromyalgia symptoms was essentially IMPOSSIBLE. Eva’s program did actually transform me - my body, my mind and my zest for life. I was actually able to play outside with my son and not feel like dropping dead after a few minutes. I now live a lighter and essentially pain-free life”.
— Sara - Lost 53 lbs!
Eva Lana really has a unique approach and knows how to burn fat and tone muscles in short, reasonable sessions that have been fun for me. Most days I don’t feel like it is a chore to go exercise - I never thought I would say that! Plus her personalized menus and cooking tips have changed my life forever. It is amazing what small changes to your habits can do for your health.
— Abby - Lost 27 lbs!
Bria Body has a mission that all other weight loss programs say that have but never truly fulfill on. Their program works because it only works for who it is made for. It was so clear that my program was made for me and only me. Tailored to me like a handmade dress. Worth every cent to feel this good - both inside and out!
— Christine - Lost 35 lbs!
What I like about Bria Body is that the service is highly professional, educational, encouraging, creative (tailored workouts and menus), entirely focused on your goals and honestly a lot of fun. I have been working with Eva Lana for the past 12 weeks, and the difference I see and feel already is astonishing. She has put my mind at ease that I will lose the weight I set out to lose after having my first baby, but more importantly that I will and already do feel so much better about myself as a whole. So lucky I found such a great weight-loss coach that is also such a comforting person.
— Jocelyn - Lost 21 lbs!
I went into Bria Body’s transformational Personalized Program with the mindset that I would just do it for 1 month and then do my own thing. I didn’t really think I needed long-term support. After just 5 days of the program I already lost weight, and more importantly I felt cared for and fully supported in my journey. I didn’t even know how significant it would be until I experienced it.
— Lisa - Lost 32 lbs!
My wedding dress fell off me so fast that I thought I was going to catch myself in nothing but underwear in the picture. I literally looked in the mirror and yelled “Where did it all go?!”
— Anna - Lost 69 lbs!
Sometimes I beat myself up for how long I waited...and then I remember a mantra Eva would remind me throughout the program: Right now we are where we are meant to be, but we decide where we go next.
— Michelle - Lost 41 lbs!
“Because of Eva – her sincerity and dedication to my success – I was eased into a new chapter in my life; a chapter that is often considered to be impossible. I lost 20 lbs within the first 10 weeks of my program. Even sooner than that I felt fitter and healthier than before I even started having chronic pain symptoms (over 20 years ago). Eva has given me the tools to keep that going too! I am so thankful for having her in my life.”
— Orine - Lost 48 lbs!
I came to Eva with a clear idea of what I wanted (essentially to slim down) as well as the will to do it, but I was diving in with lots of missing information. I had seemingly endless questions, and Eva went over all of them in explicit detail each time. She helped me come up with an answer or a solution to every single one. From the first time we first talked she showed the same amount of care and investment that I would expect from a best friend. Patient, understanding, well-versed and full of experience, Eva gave me the tools that I needed to make sure that I was eating healthy at the best of times, and limiting the damage caused by any setbacks. I cannot recommend her services enough.
— Alan Goetz - Lost 80 lbs!